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Dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you so much for offering one (or more? it is a mystery!) of my fandoms, and may I just congratulate you on your excellent taste, insert winking emoticon here? I’m so excited to see what new fic this year’s Yuletide is going to bring, and I’m especially looking forward to yours.

I’ve tried to give you a couple of prompts for each fandom, but if you get absolutely nothing else from this letter, just know that I am ridiculously easy to please and honestly would take fic about any of these characters scrubbing grout out of their bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, because I love them all.

I hope you have a fun and delightful Yuletide.
Happy Yuletide,
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General Preferences )

Request 1: The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison )

Request 2: Valdemar Series, Mercedes Lackey )

Request 3: Sunless Sea )
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I post pretty much exclusively on my tumblr and only use dreamwidth for various communities. If I ever did proper meta posts or that sort of thing, I'd crosspost them here, but let's be real the chances of me writing something actually insightful are basically nil so don't be surprised if that never happens.

Things I like: rocks, animals, canons with gay characters, canons with characters who need to be given a warm hug and a stiff drink, interesting art and writing styles, stupid jokes.

I write and draw things, and sometimes I even show those things to other people! But, uh, don't hold your breath.


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